ReVive Me Wellness & Retreats

About Us

Revive Me Wellness and Retreats organise programs and services to promote life balance, health and well-being.

Our  focus is to guide and empower people to find a deeper meaning in their lives.
To create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle, good relationship with ourselves, people and nature around us, we have to “Balance and renew our resources, energy and health.”

Founded by Rosalina Pang, Revive Me presents quality programs by working with collective of inspirational therapists, creative associates and professionals, to bring their combined knowledge and passion for health and wellness.
Currently Revive Me Wellness Retreats and programs are based and offered in Taranaki New Zealand. We

We can organise and customised wellness programs and retreats for groups and organisations around New Zealand. Anywhere there is a space, the desire and willing venue hosts.


Our treatments provide relief from tension and toxins accumulated through the environment, stress, imbalanced diet and lifestyle choices.

Our Vision:

Making a difference in people’s lives by:

  • Re-balance: our way of living, thinking and attitudes
  • Refresh: our health and relationship with our true selves
  • ReVive: our connection with others, nature and our environment

Our Mission:

To grow and share our knowledge of well being to people, hence advocating a healthy, peaceful and harmonious world.

Offering valued retreats, that brings a positive benefit to all our clients. We grow, share and impart our knowledge of wellness by advocating a healthy, peaceful and harmonious world that starts from within.


Genuine care and confidentiality exercise for all our clients and participants.

We have follow up services and personalized consultations available to our participants.
(Ask about our ReVive Me continuity program with benefits!)

Community support and environmental responsibility

We aim to work with health care, corporate groups to promote wellness and social responsibility, with a care for our environment.

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Massage Service Menu

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