ReVive Me facilitators:

Rosalina-RaizelRosalina Pang

Rosalina is an social entrepreneur wearing few hats: Reflexology, Belly dance instructor, Personal development guide & Marketing consultant. Her interest and awareness for mindfulness, health and wellness sparked at a young age.

Vibrant, open minded and a people person, Rosalina is a natural catalyst, as she uncovers core aptitudes to guide and empower people to pursue their dreams and goals.

Originally from Singapore, she is settled in New Zealand with her partner so that they can be close to nature and pursue their dreams.

“My purpose and mission is to guide and help others find their passion and purpose in life. While  reconnecting with ourselves natural talents, we find inner peace, set goals to pursue our dream lives and attain balance and harmony.” She advocates connecting with nature, and sustainable living.

Her interest in setting up ReVive Me Wellness & Retreats is to facilitate valuable programs to provide the best service, tools, guidance to people with their journey of finding the right balance and harmony in their lives.
‘By bringing together leading therapists, consultants and professionals in their given field, a combined knowledge and passion can be shared to the benefit of our clients and participants.’

Interesting fact:

Born in Singapore, Rosalina love to get ladies fit and confident through the art of belly dancing and movement. She entertains at hen’s parties and lead a performing dance group: 5th Element Dancers. The group regularly performs at festivals and events. In her free time, she is out fishing on her kayak, diving or learning to surf. Her mantra that she shares with others is to ‘live life and focus on what you can, instead of what you can’t.’


Tessa ClarkeTessa Clarke:

As a qualified yoga teacher and facilitator with the Art of Living Foundation, Tessa has been working in the stress management and holistic health field for 8 years.  Originally from the UK, her journey has taken her through her own personal experience of stress together with an exploration into the tools available to overcome it.  With a professional background in food safety, training & consultancy; Tessa’s most exciting challenge has been to blend together the two areas of her life which she has been successfully enjoying for the last 4 years. Contact her here.



Melanie MayellMelanie Mayell

Photographer, author, artist and creatrice, Melanie Mayell regularly sees the world
through the lens of her camera. She has an ability to see and capture the magical
play of light and colour during those everyday moments around home and around the

Inspired by her three children and with a passion for creativity, Melanie has written
and illustrated hundreds of childrensʼ books, [some of them edible]. She has also
published many inspirational editions including the ABC of Wishes, Hopes, &
Dreams, Goodbye; for Times of Sadness & Loss, and Thank you; Living in Gratitude.
Despite over 12,000 earthquakes, Melanie is still living in Christchurch, New Zealand
where she balances the commitments of family life with her many creative projects,
including her company Creatrix Ltd and the Thank you Project.
Donʼt ask what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive!
Now go out and do that!


Kali Cathie:Kali Cathie-profile

Kali is Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from the American Academy of Hypnotherapy in Santa Fe, New Mexico and an accredited facilitator of the Mondo Zen koan dialogue process founded by American Zen Master Jun Po Roshi.

She has a Social Science degree in Psychology and Management from the University of Waikato. Kali uses Spiritual, Meditative, Hypnotic and Counseling techniques to help her clients Awaken, Heal and Integrate on all levels of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul.

Kali’s approach is unique in that it combines Analytical Hypnosis with a deep understanding of Spiritual Growth and Personal Development. With tools that she developed, she help her clients evolve and grow by finding their inner being, personal responsibility, desire within for self-empowerment.  Ultimately iindividual can accomplish for themselves and navigate their inner being, strength to live a balanced life, abundant in Health, Wealth, Happiness and Peace.

Interesting fact:

Kali is also an Intuitive Reader of the Tarot. She is gifted with the ability to hold open a spiritual space for her clients that is authentic and empowering. She has lived in 6 different countries around the world and has run her Hypnotherapy practice, Mala hypnotherapy in New Zealand for the past 8 years. Today she specializes in creating personal growth and development tools, meditation and helping her clients to evolve on all levels of mind, body, heart and soul. Visit her website here.


Doella Rani:Doella

Doella is a Holistic well being consultant, human potential and personal development coach. She provides spiritual guidance, relaxation techniques work with clients seeking inner peace.
Her mission is to inspire people to live a more concious life, recognise their authentic self and reconnect with their spiritual well being.
She has devoted the last 2 decades and trained in a variety of multidisciplinary modalities which includes Massage, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Nutrition, Kids Yoga, Meditation, NLP, Kinesiology, Tai Chi,Qi Gong, Pilates & Angel Card Readings

Bliss hut

Doella formulates a customised approach, which has proven highly effective with her clients.

Interesting fact:

Born in India and having lived

and studied abroad in UK, USA, Europe and India under many Masters, Doella uses her natural intuitive abilities which she became aware at a young age of 7. She is dedicated and passionate about inspiring & empowering individuals to create and transform their possibilities into realities.

Karina MarriottKarina Marriott:

An aromatherapist and lifestyle consultant with over twelve year’s experience in the health and beauty industry Karina now has her own business, Vitality Mind and Body, in Oakura.  She is a highly skilled holistic wellness practitioner capable of providing a wide range of treatments and advice, including reflexology, Indian head and Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, facials, body wraps and scrubs, to name but a few, and has trained with world renown Bharti Vyas, and is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Currently Karina also provides corporate in-chair massage and wellness sessions focusing on well-being, stress management techniques and self-help.  Indian head workshop, visualisation techniques and lifestyle consultancy sessions are also available.

Karina is best described as a life enthusiast! With her “I CAN” attitude, she empowers and uplifts participants with her genuine personality, supporting and advising them on their life’s journey.

Interesting fact:

Karina originally trained as an Archaeologist, and maintains a passionate interest in pre-history. A twist of fate however, and the last recession in the early 90s took her into a career in finance, which while rewarding at times, was not where she wanted to be.  Feeling the need to be more true to herself, and her core beliefs, Karina chose to retrain and embark on her mission to promote natural health, beauty and well-being.

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