Bellydance as movement therapy


Belly dancing or an form of dance is an expressive, dynamic form of kinaesthetic art.

By indulging in dance, it brings out emotive response through the body’s articulation of the music.
On an emotional level it is liberating, uplifting and helps the dancer experience instinctive rhythmic patterns and feelings.
As an ancient fertility rite, Belly dancing directly supports sexual and sensual function of a woman’s body.

Building awareness, movement, balance and spatial geometry, dance is a physical art.


Belly Dance to improve digestion and assists weight loss

With regular abdominal work in your Belly dance, the digestive system is activated and strengthened through wave-like contractions of the muscles, which offer a kind of ‘internal massage’.

Shimmies activate and stimulate the digestive process. With regular fast dancing, circulation improves therefore the entire body’s cells are better nourished with increase of blood supply.
This results in an overall sense of “well-being” and increased energy levels.

Benefits of belly dancing:
Belly dancing is a great form of fitness, dance & self-expression.
A health and wellness advocate, Rosalina shares the art of keeping fit and nimble with belly dancing.

  • Revitalize mind & body with breathing exercises
  • Learn graceful movements
  • Gain better posture & flexibility
  • Learn a dance choreography in 8 weeks
  • Have fun connecting & dancing with positive people and atmosphere!

5th Element DanceWeekly Belly dance classes:
conducted here in New Plymouth, Fitzroy New Zealand

Join Rosalina and group of ladies for a fun and exciting of dance, movement and self-discovery!


New Plymouth, Fitzroy Golf Course, Club Hall
End of Record Street, Fitzroy


Monday evenings from 5.30pm to 6.40pm/ Beginners
Thursday evenings from 5.30pm to 6.40pm/ Beyond Beginners Level 3 & 4

What you will learn:

  • Bellydancing class in New Plymouth with RaizelPosture awareness
  • Breathing exercises for vitality
  • Floor work and strengthening exercises
  • Basic to advance belly dance techniques and dance movement.
  • Isolate different parts of your body to build balance and flexibility
  • Complete dance choreography every term

Class information:

  • 8 weeks terms at $88
  • Contact Rosalina (Raizel) at Ph: 06 759 1739, Mobile: 027 739 1380, or email to register.
  • Strictly limited spaces!

If you are not based in Taranaki, find a class near you here.

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