Oct 22

Jade Stone Massage

Jade is one of the oldest known stones and has been used for centuries in healing.

Jade is a very healing stone, believed to release toxins from the body.
Comprised of calcium, magnesium & iron- Jade is a stone of protection, good fortune & peace.Jade stone massage

Jade Stone Massage utilizes, both heated and cool Jade stones for balancing the yin/yang of the body.

This also helps to promote blood flow and calm inflammation to muscles and joints.

Stone placement as well as deep massage movements with the stones, allows the body & mind to relax much deeper than traditional massage.

As well as helping the body and the heart chakra to heal,  with the soothing green colour of the stones.

Benefits of a Jade Stone Massage are:

  • Helping to aid digestion  
  • Relieving body and mind of stress                                          
  •  Easing pain                                               
  •  Lymphatic drainage                                                 
  • Improving circulation                                        
  • Strengthen the body’s immunity                                           
  • Helps relieve sore muscles
  • Reduces depression & anxiety.              

Book a Jade Stone Massage with Revive Me Wellness

  • 45mins at $65 (Back and Spot therapy)
  • 60mins at $80 (Full body)
  • 90mins at $120 (Full body and deep tissue)

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