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Service menu & rates

All treatments and services by appointment only.
Please contact Rosalina for bookings.

  • Life balance coaching sessions are taken at 21 Devon St. West
    Office by Implement and Associates.

Life Balance Review: Personal success guidance

Renew life dreams, purpose, balance. Create a success plan to achieve the desired life you want.

Life balance program:

6 weeks life balance program to work 3 ‘wheel of life’ elements with personal action and exercise. First week starts with uncovering 3 most important elements in your life to enhance upon. Following weeks includes a scheduled 20min follow up via personal, email or skype video support.

Discovery session:

  • 30mins: $40

Life coaching:

  • 1 hour: $60

Life balance program:

$200 program investment for duration of 6 life changing weeks. (Weekly payment of $50 for 4 weeks can be arranged for those in need.)

Create a unique identity:

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Belly dance: Art of Movement

Belly dance to revive and inspire!
Learn graceful movements, Improve posture, flexibility , mind , body coordination.

Learn the art of movement and a full dance in 8 weeks.
Gain flexibility and better coordination.Monday and Wednesday classes held at
Fitzroy Golf Course Club Hall: 5.30pm to 6.45pmFees: $88 (8 week term) Causal :$15/class
Small group or Private classes available.

Reflexology : Relax & Re-balance

Reduce tension and stress, increase vascular, neural and lymphatic circulation and the releasing of toxins.
See Benefits of Reflexology.

Swedish Massage: Circulate & Energise

Richly relaxing massage incorporating long, flowing strokes towards the heart to increase circulation and gently release tension and stress.

Hand reflexology

  • 30mins $35
  • 60mins $60

Great for tired hands and arms

Foot reflexology

  • 30mins $45
  • 60mins $80

Swedish Full body massage

  • 60mins $70

  • 90mins $99

Ionic Detox Foot Spa

The ionic foot spa stimulates cells and vital organs, aiding your body’s natural detoxification process to cleanse and heal.

Ionic detox foot spa

  • 30 min treatment $35
  • 45 min treatment $50
    (With 15min feet soothing massage)


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