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Mobile to you Massage

Please contact us or book online here for mobile-to-you massage and pampering service.

  • Operation hours are between 10am to 9pm.
    For couple bookings, please allow 2- 5 days notice to arrange for masseur availability.
    Book early if you are planning for an after event pamper me session.
  • Minimum service fee of $80 per mobile call out applies.
  • Surcharge for Public Holiday is +10% of prices listed.
  • Gift Vouchers purchase available with minimum value of $50.

Jade Stone Massage

Jade is a very healing stone, believed to release toxins from the body. Jade Stone Massage utilizes, both heated and cool stones for balancing the yin/yang of the body.

Promote blood flow and calm inflammation to muscles and joints.

As well as helping the body and the heart chakra to heal,
with the soothing green colour of the stones.Jade stone massage

Spot and full body massage

  • Jade Stones Massage 60mins $100
    A blend of Swedish and Jade Stone massage, with blend of Organic oils to re-balance the body.
  • Jade Stones Massage 90mins $130
    Relieving body and mind of stress with a complete hot Jade Stone Massage experience.

Swedish Massage: Circulate & Energise

Richly relaxing massage incorporating long, flowing strokes towards the heart to increase circulation and gently release tension and stress.


Spot and Full body massage

  • Unwind Me Massage 60mins $90
    Richly relaxing full body Swedish massage, with blend of Organic oils to release tension.
  • Take Me Away Massage 90mins $120
    Indulge and surrender yourself to a truly head-to-toe pampering experience.

Reflexology : Relax & Re-balance

Reduce tension and stress, increase vascular, neural and lymphatic circulation and the releasing of toxins.

See Benefits of Reflexology.

well being through feet

well being through feet

Hand reflexology

  • 30mins $50
  • 60mins $80

Great for tired hands and arms

Foot reflexology

  • 45mins $65
  • 60mins $80

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