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My story and purpose

Rosalina and Peter Pang

Peter and Rosalina, after Birthday Belly dance entertainment performance at Mokau Marae.

I come from a small middle income Singaporean Family and am the only child. My parents are 2nd generation Singaporean whose parents where all migrates to a new developing island, and had big families with more than 10 siblings.

They had migrated from different parts of communist China in the 1930s, to Singapore in search of a prosperity and dream of better opportunities. The work could find were labourers, though granddad’s family were merchants in their homeland, they couldn’t accumulate any wealth due to the regime.

Although born healthy, my dad contracted polio due to high fever while a toddler. It was a case of ‘self-medication to save cost’ for a migrant family struggling to make ends meet.
My dad wasn’t given the opportunity to go to school. To traditional Chinese family, they didn’t see the value of ‘wasting’ their resources to a child that wouldn’t be as much use to society and return to the family.  He was left to his own devises,  playing marbles as a kid in playgrounds, while the other siblings went to school,
However, by grace and fate of meeting a christian missionary, he was invited to church.

That became his journey of self- worth, learning to read and write, found that he had talent in singing, playing the guitar. A people person, he organised church group activities, and began counseling and inspiring others who were unsure of themselves or unconscious of their capabilities.

He focused on what he can do and not what he couldn’t.
He eventually had a career in administration for an Australian construction company, where he managed to start a family, support me and mom in the early years.

While growing up I remember my childhood surrounded with adults friends who appreciated my dad’s friendly and helpful personality. My mom had went back to work in Banking industry after I turned 3 and she was independently earning, saving and consuming. We were never lack of the basic necessities. In the 1980s to 2000s, Singapore was experiencing exponential growth and quickly position itself at the hub of Asia for international trade and political stability.

My parents managed to purchase a comfortable 4 bedroom apartment and could afford my education. However, they were time poor, made unwise financial decisions, overspent or over lent. That meant that we had to downgrade and sell house. This cycle happened six times throughout their lives. What was meant to be well and simple, was not because. With society developing and growing in prosperity and media portraying wealth through acquiring material things and investing and following masses. I observed a society growing fast in debt for those who pursue richness in material goods and rewards that they could really not afford. i.e. Luxury European cars and constant retail therapy. I witness my mother get caught up in the trap, started a real estate business that within 5 years, went down with mismanagement and had to declare bankruptcy. Dad had to retire year due to his condition and joints in his hip sockets where giving way to many years of walking with crutch and calipers.

Seeing my parents struggling to attain the right balance, I had the desire independent and started working at 15. My folks
The first 3 years was various front line roles in the hospitality industry for three 5-star luxury hotels. While working as a front office secretary from the age of 17 to 20, I studied part time to earn a business and tourism degree. Subsequently went on to pursue a career in Marketing.

Working in marketing to support Fortune 500 IT companies was exciting. I was planning and supporting events, campaigns and getting a lot of exposure to new products, competition branding and how to position and stand out and attract consumers to buy.

I also realised that we became a society of must haves. Brand conscious and material desire to look good, have the latest gadgets, Luxury cars, million dollar apartments, high street label bags were the high on the desire list for Pang Family visit to Kaikouramost of the working class.

It was what you are seen wearing, carrying and living in that matters. Some found balance and did care of environment, nature and travel away to find peace and renewal. Many did not and were complaining about the pace of life being too quick in Singapore urban city.

I felt I had to move away from the city living to find peace and reconnecting with nature in another environment. Having visited Australia and New Zealand for work and pleasure, I desired in 2004 that New Zealand will be place that I would want to move to. How was it going to happen, I didn’t know. But I had painted an ideal vision of my ideal lifestyle and environment in my mind.

I desired for a partner who loves the ocean. Live in an environment where we could wake up to the sound of waves. Be able to dive, fish, surf and in winter snowboard. Have a vegetable garden with fresh produces. I would like to be able to continue to dance, be part of a performing arts group and share whatever marketing skills and knowledge I know.

Challenge of moving to a new environment was not unfounded

Coming from a tropical and urban country, moving to New Zealand hasn’t been easy but it was a welcome challenge. The  first year, we were renting in a place that had no heating. Adjusting to the climate, seeking work opportunities to secure residence, making new friends and growing networks.

Working through my emotional barriers

The first 2 years moving to a new country was tough.

In my own mind, I often had conflicting and negative thoughts that I couldn’t find a job in this new environment. That I was competing against locals who has established networks and family support. I have to build credibility from the start and it was going to be an uphill battle.

I was fortunate to be able to talk to a few friends and took the time to work with a few wellness therapies on creating my desired life. Being a marketer, I developed tools and question that I found I needed to ask myself and set myself a few goals to attain.

I also changed my mental attitude that ‘every day is a new opportunity and challenge.
As long as we continue to vibrate a positive “I can and I will” attitude, things that you desire can happen. 

Through my journey, I found my passionate and purpose: Helping people and business define their purpose, their passion and balance life.

As a marketer, I work to help entrepreneurs and businesses define their mission, their product or service value and markets that they like to engage with, while attaining balanced revenue of income and time. To enjoy what is valuable to them. Almost always, people tell me is that they would like to spend quality moments and time to be with people that matters.

If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.

So you have decided that NOW is a good time to take control and work towards your desired life. You know what is important to you and have the strong desire and will to make the changes necessary. I urge you to start by completing the review I have developed.

Talk about it, sharing it to the people that matters to you. Get your family on board to support your growth. Connect with people or group to share this is invaluable and will help you engage with the necessary action.

If you would like to discuss this review with me in confidence and work through a progress plan to chart a life balance strategy, I welcome you to connect with me and look forward to hearing from you.

Rosalina Pang: Marketing Consultant and Wellness facilitator.

Phone: +64 6 7591739 Mobile or text: +64 27 739-1380

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