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Sharing is caring: Here is a vessel to exchange the knowledge to help Revive and inspire one another!

jump_for_joy_910-700x393Everyone of us is sitting on a mountain of value.

We are all here on earth, born for a reason.

From the people we meet in our lives: our parents who gave us life, brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, colleagues all played a part of our learning experiences.

It painted the view of  our world: ‘ Who we are’,  becoming to ‘Be’.


Power of giving leads to Success and Happiness.

Are you looking to improve your life and be an inspiration Give and taketo others? Are you looking spread the love and receive as well? You have come to the right place.

Research shows that giving is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, as well as other.

Virtually all successful – and certainly all happy people – have discovered the secrets of giving.

Get involved by recognizing who you are, be free to be authentic.
To be  a magnet for positive love and experiences, you can start by simply by sharing and giving!

Growing community of Revive Me friends enriches each other by contributing your gifts!

Revive me is offering an opportunity for YOU!

Revive Me community of friends love to share our ‘gifts’.
The easiest way is to spread your gifts is through sharing.

We welcome you to share pages, posts, and links with your Revive Me community. We can do this by posting on comments here. contribute your thoughts, stories and suggest topics to inspire.
You can also post it on OUR collective Facebook page.

Life purpose and impact

By express our intimate and personal values, we affirm to ourselves our given talents.

We like to thank you for connecting and express infinite gratitude to you.

Start to create a circle of love by…

Share with us



Keep believing

  • Keep an open heart and mind
  • Have the desire to have blissful compassion to others and nature!
  • Consider coming to our next Revive Me Women’s retreat and bring your presence to renew self and intent to recreate the life that you desire!

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