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Our human mind contains probably the biggest source of energy in the body. It is the key to vital emotions including happiness, contentment, and perseverance.

Periods of silence enable us to reflect on our higher feelings, values, and purpose in life. Peace of mind is intrinsic to all of us but easily lost when we become trapped in concerns of our day-to-day lives. With mediation, we learn to observe our thoughts, unleash subconscious mind, creative potential, attain a peaceful mind, stillness and bliss.

Positive thinking:

The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life!

Explore the power and influence of thought and the impact of positive attitudes. Develop and tap into positive mind, truth to build better relationship with ourselves, nature and others.

* become a master of your thoughts and feelings

* apply the gentle art of self reflection and encourage personal growth

* tap into the natural positivity of the mind

* finish negative, energy-draining language and self-talk

* develop a constantly positive attitude

Movement : Yoga/ Tai Chi/ Oriental Belly dance:

Wonder why we feel good after a dance exercise and stretch workout?

Movement is natural ‘medicine’. Its releases tension, increase muscle length, strength and helps to boost our immune system.  Our movement and dance sessions are enjoyable with focus on rhythm, revitalizing exercises that build awareness of the body, enhanced breathing for great posture and vitality!

Cooking/ Food and Nutrition:

Guided by qualified dietitian , learn how to read food labels, prepare simple, creative, flavorful and nutritious recipes to prepare meals for themselves and the family. Shopping tips and guide for a week’s meal planning is given.

Participants can order and receive an organic pack of vegetable box and grains to be taken back with them at end of the retreat.

Whole of Brain Profiling for Personal awareness and development:

We are what we think.

Understanding your own personality and brain profile can be very empowering. Using NBI TM (Neethling Brain Instructments) a profiling tool, we can identify individual skills, job preferences, leadership styles, learning opportunities and personal development.

To be successful in all aspects in our lives, we have to develop a good understanding of ourselves and then we can build better relationships with others.

NBI TM is quick and simple tool for everyone to understand and one of the most practical profiling tools that has allowed people to make immediate shifts in their understanding and acceptance of others. Hence we identify areas where one may not have had the opportunity to develop skills.

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